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Make your own Bean Sprout Husk Pillow - April 2009

Here's a list of FREE kid Art and Science project, to help promote creativity and imagination with these arts and craft project and arts craft idea made from simple recycled materials. This month April 2009 make a bean sprout husk pillow for your new born baby or as a gift.

First you have to collect, clean and sun dry some bean sprout husks, around 100 gram for each pillow.
Bean sprout husks are the "shell" (kernel) of bean sprouts.

Newborn babies are often startled or frightened by sudden movement and noise in their surrounding. With such shocked and fright over time, they will become less confident and clinging more to their caregiver.

By placing the bean sprout pillow horizontally over the infant/babies tummy when they are asleep, they will feel a sense of security and comfort. This will calm the newborn babies as such that they will suffer less surrounding shocks. As the bean sprout husks are porous, light weighted and cooling, they are safe for use on newborn babies/infant.

Project of the Month (April)

Make your own Bean Sprout Husk Pillow

You will Need:
1)  Sorted, cleaned and totally dried bean sprout 
     husks (around 100 gram).
2)  One clean old baby t-shirt.
3)  Needle and thread or sewing machine.


Step 1: Take the baby's t shirt and cut away the sleeves and any bottom if any.

Turn the cut t shirt inside out and sew along the bottom and both sleeve openings.

Leave the collar open for filling in the bean sprout husks.

Turn the sewn t shirt outside in and start filling it up with the sprout husks.

Remember that you do not fill the pillow too compactly, leave it loosely packed so that it can hang horizontally over the baby's tummy.
Step 2: After you have filled enough sprout husks, hand sew the collar close.

Now you have to carefully check the whole pillow to make sure that there's no possibility of any husk leaks as you do not want your baby swallowing any of the husk.

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