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Beaded Reindeer

Beaded Christmas Reindeer decorations and jewelry, made using seed and bugle beads, crystals. Also find other small beaded Christmas ornaments for a beautiful Christmas decoration great for your home and furnishings.


The reindeer, also known as the caribou when wild in North America, is an Arctic and Sub arctic-dwelling deer.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a character created in a story and song by the same name. The story was created by Robert L. May in 1939 as part of his employment with Montgomery Ward. Rudolph has become a figure of Christmas folklore.
The song tells the tale of Santa Claus's ninth and lead reindeer who possesses an unusually red-colored nose that gives off its own light, powerful enough to illuminate the team's path through inclement weather.

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Rudolph the red nose reindeer Beaded 3D Reindeer 3D Beaded Reindeer 3D Christmas Reindeer

Rudolph Reindeer

3D Reindeer

Beaded Reindeer

Christmas Reindeer

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