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Beaded Sushi

See my beaded 3-D sushi, using the different techniques of beading from peyote to right angle weave I created these different types of sushi delicacies. Find photos and tutorials on beaded sushi.

My Beaded Sushi Collections!

I just realized that a whole lot of people misunderstood that Sushi equals to raw fish or seafood. For one thing, raw fish or seafood in Japanese term is called Sashimi and not Sushi.

Sushi indicates foods that use rice seasoned with sweet rice-wine vinegar. Of course, raw fish is the most popular ingredient in sushi, but the main ingredient of sushi is Japanese sticky rice. There are many kinds of sushi, which do not necessarily include raw fish. Sushi could contain cooked fish, shellfish, and various other ingredients. They each have a different name to go by.


Ebi Sushi Beaded Sushi Tamago Sushi
Beaded Ebi Prawn Sushi Beaded Sushi Beaded Tamago Egg Sushi

Beaded Food
More of my own creation can be found at the Photo Gallery or learn beading at Bead Project.

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