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Beaded Christmas Candy Cane

Beaded Christmas Candy Cane decorations and jewelry, made using seed beads, bugle beads, crystals. Also find other small beaded Christmas ornaments for a beautiful Christmas decoration ideas great for your home and decorations.

Christmas Candy Cane

The candy cane is available year-round, but traditionally surrounds the Christmas holiday!

The distinctive "hook" shape of candy canes is traditionally credited to a choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral in Germany, who, legend has it, in 1670 bent straight candy sticks into canes to represent a shepherd's crook, and gave them to children at church services. The shepherd's staff is often used in Christianity as a metaphor for The Good Shepherd Jesus Christ. It is also possible that, as people decorated their Yule trees with food, the bent candy cane was invented as a functional solution.

Candy canes are now primarily used as a decoration for Christmas trees. This is done by using the "hook" shape of the candy cane to hang them on branches of the Christmas tree. A single tree can have many candy canes.

My beaded candy canes are of cause made with beads and not candy!

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Beaded Candy Cane      

Candy Cane


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