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Beaded Belts

Browse My arts and craft collection of handmade beaded fashion belt design, I created the beaded belts using different types of beads and beading techniques like the triangle weave to bead embroidery.

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beaded belt jeans beaded belt dress beaded belt

The 3 pictures above is how to wear the same belt differently - made with Long bugle beads using the triangle weave technique.

black belt dress black belt

These 3 pictures are also different ways to wear a black beaded belt - made using seed beads using the triangle weave technique.

embroidery belt jeans embroidery belt dress embroidery belt
embroidery belt closeup
This is my first bead embroidery belt, using bugle beads sewed onto a Lace material.
belt chain belt chain dress belt chain dress
belt chain necklace
A flexible belt chain that could also be worn as a necklace.
hexagon belt hexagon belt dress Continue to Page 2 of Beaded Belts for more Photo tour!
Hexagon pieces joined to form a belt.

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