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Beaded Rose 

The Beaded Rose is probably the most common and easiest to make of all Beaded flowers. Browse for free beaded rose flower making instruction and patterns and all the roses and arrangements I made.

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White Rose

Golden Rose

Red Rose

Champagne Rose
Purple Rose
white rose golden rose red rose Champagne Rose Purple Rose
white rose long golden rose long red rose long Champagne Rose long
basket rose vine
champagne rose in glass pearl rose

Flower Meaning: Rose
Rose Beauty
Rose Bud Young girl; Beauty; Youth; A heart innocent of love
Rose, White Innocence; Purity; Heavenly; Secrecy; Silence; Charm
Rose, Red Love; I love you; Respect; Courage
Rose, Pink Perfect happiness; Gentility; Grace; Please believe me; Thank you; Admiration
Rose, Yellow Friendship; Joy and happiness; Jealousy; Trying to care; Gladness; Infidelity
Rose, Orange/Peach/Coral/Champagne Enthusiasm; Desire

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More of my own creation can be found at the Photo Gallery or learn how to bead flower at Bead Project.

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