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Bead Jewelry Making Gifts

Help support my site - a free instruction and photo site by buying any of the gifts, I will get a small percentage of sales from the company you buy the gifts from.

Why I set up this gift shop at

Been running this site at my own cost for 2 years now and if you know this site well, I don't sell any of the beaded creations or the projects and tutorials featured. So I need financial help in someway whereby I can help maintain my free project site and keep it running in the long run.

Why I don't sell the beaded creations on my site?

I am a hobbyist beader who firstly, don't feel that my creations are good enough to sell to anyone. Secondly, do not have the extra financial ability to buy and implement a e-commerce website. Thirdly, strange but I like to keep creating new pieces but hate to repeat the same piece over and over again (let's say an order of 10 pieces of one beaded creation comes in, I'll freak out and am afraid that it will kill my passion for beading). So I would rather be focusing on creating new pieces and drawing out tutorials to share with everyone.

What can you find on the gift site?

Here's a few example: Thanks for supporting this site!


Teddy Bear Stein Infant Creeper  Jr. Hoodie

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