Fringe Galore By Anna Daley

A work of art in itself. 22 inches long, 18x25 Snowflake Obsidian hand beaded cab. 2 rows seed beads, 1 black, 1 silver with 1 row 3mm Onyx ending in Bali tubes going into 28 rows of black/silver alternating seed bead fringe with sterling/black matte daggers. Necklace is comprised of 4mm Onyx & Obsidian beads, Onyx capsule beads, 6mm Onyx beads & a variety of Bali beads, spacers & charms. Fancy Bali clasp is a side closure which is on the left side. This is truly a gorgeous piece, great deal of workmanship went into this one. This will not be duplicated.

by Anna Daley
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