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Beaded Snowflakes

Beaded Christmas snowflakes decorations, made using seed, bugles and crystals, can be hang on to the Christmas tree, as a mobile phone accessory, even doubles as earrings and pendants.

Beaded Christmas Snowflakes

A short story on Snowflake

Snowflakes are actually snow crystals, they are usually in the form of small hexagonal prisms. The snow crystal growth usually begins up in the cloud with a dust particle, which provides a structure on which water molecules can start condensing to form a snow crystal and starts it's process of splintering. No snow crystals are exactly alike, just like our fingerprints. It is believed that each snowflake is made up of from 2 to about 200 separate crystals.

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Beaded Snowflake Crystal Snowflake Snowflake snowflake star

Star Snowflake

Beaded Snowflake

Crystal Snowflake


Snowflake Star

Star Snowflake

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