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Even Count Peyote Stitch Instruction

The beading instruction on even count flat peyote stitch, if you new to beading start on the even count flat peyote stitch is easier to learn then the odd count flat peyote stitch.

Even count flat Peyote Stitch Instruction

Notes before you start: For beginners, start with size 11 seed beads. The pictorials are illustrated with spaces between beads for a clearer direction, in the actual beading, there should be no spaces. You can use a string and needle or Nylon fishing line (0.25mm) without the needle.
Step 1:
Single Count Flat Peyote Step 1
String the first bead and loop through it again or tie a knot to stop the bead from slipping.

Leave one end of string (around 3 to 6 inches) and start stringing beads from the other end, you can add any amount of beads as long as the total number or beads is maintained at an even number (e.g. 6, 8, 10, 12)

To start on the next row (represented in the pictorial by red beads) string one bead and cross the string back through the second last bead of the first row. Keep on adding one bead at a time and each time stringing back through a bead from the previous row.

Be sure to keep the tension tight but not too tight as this will make your work stiff and inflexible, especially if you want to bead around an object.

Step 2:
Single Count Flat Peyote Step 2
Now the third row, pick up one new bead (represented in the pictorial by green beads) and cross the string back through the bead (red) that you last added before this. Keep on adding one bead at a time and each time stringing back through a bead from the previous row.

By now you should be getting the picture of how this technique works. Continue to bead row by row until you get your desired length. Remember to keep the tension of your bead work right.

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