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Christmas Wreath

Beaded Christmas Wreath decorations, made using seed and bugle beads and other small beaded Christmas ornaments for a beautiful Christmas decoration great for your home and furnishings.

Christmas Wreath

For some it symbolizes the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter. Back in ancient Rome, people used decorative wreaths as a sign of victory.

The wreath has a long history and many religious associations tracing it's roots back to the ancient cultures of the Persian Empire. In ancient Rome wreaths were worn on the heads of leaders such as Julius Caesar much like the crown of a king. The circlet or wreath was originally called a "diadem" and took the form of fabric headbands which were sometimes adorned with jewels. Around 776 B.C., the Greeks placed wreaths made of laurel on the heads of victorious athletes in the original Olympic Games. When the Games later began to move to different cities, each host city would award head garlands made of local tree branches.

It is unclear exactly when the transition from head ornament to wall decoration occurred. It probably came about when a warrior or athlete decided to save his or her award as a memento of victory and hung it on the wall.

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christmas wreath Beaded Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Beaded Wreath

Beaded Rose Beaded Orchid Beaded Hyacinth Beaded Wreath
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