Beaded Golden Chihuahua Dog

Learn How to make this Chihuahua - Tutorial: Page 1 November 2007 Beaded 3-D Chihuahua Dog Project, Page 2 Beaded 3-D Chihuahua Dog Project - Page 2 - November 2007 project, Page 3 Beaded Chihuahua Project - Page 3 - November 2007 project, Page 4 3-D Beaded Chihuahua Project - Page 4 - November 2007 project. (Beaded Chihuahua Dog, made with Japanese glass seed beads using the Right Angle Weave (RAW) Beading technique).

The Beaded golden Chihuahua dog was created using gold, yellow and black color Japanese glass seed beads. Adopting the beading technique of Right Angle Weave (RAW) to make the dog stand up 3-D.
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